Below is a selection of the most frequently asked questions for Eco Valet Dry Cleaners.

Instead of utilising harsh chemicals, Eco Valet Dry Cleaners uses a friendly, non-toxic solution to dry clean clothing. We utilise a liquid silicone solution that is a by-product of sand and is safe for your skin, the environment, and your clothes.

Even while we make a concerted effort to ensure that all stains and blemishes are eliminated during the cleaning process, some stains might not be entirely eliminated. This may depend on a number of factors, including the type of stain, its age and if it has been pre-treated. All stains on your clothes will be removed by one of our amazing crews.

Dry cleaning typically takes 24 to 48 hours to complete. Some materials, like suede and leather, call for specialised care and will take more time. We have a specialised facility where professionals with knowledge of cleaning and restoring natural skins and fabrics work.

In addition to dry cleaning formal and professional attire, Eco Valet Dry Cleaners also provides laundry and ironing services for your regular shirts and clothing as well as cleaning of domestic fabrics like curtains, duvets, and sofa coverings. We also provide services for bespoke items like bridal dresses, including cleaning and preservation, suede and leather goods like motorcycle leathers, sheepskin rugs and shoe repairs.

It’s easy – just log on to our website www.ecovalet.co.uk. Fill up the online form, and then you will follow the on-screen instructions to schedule a pickup time within 60 minutes.

We are happy to pick up your clothing at a more convenient time. Just book your pickup again using our website.

To be sure, check the care directions on the clothing label inside the item. A common rule of thumb is that laundry is for natural materials like t-shirts, slacks and socks while dry cleaning is for synthetic materials and more polished goods like suits and delicate dresses.

Please see our pricing list at www.ecovalet.co.uk/pricing

Minimum order quantity for free delivery is £15

You can pay by debit or credit card. Your online payments are securely handled through the payment service provider Stripe.

We offer unperfumed and hypoallergenic detergents – the driver picking up your clothes will ask you about any special requirements.

Certainly, we can try! It is best to treat stains right away so that your garment has a higher chance of recovering. Run cold water over the stain after turning your clothing inside out. The damaged region will benefit considerably from this, which will also make it simpler to remove the stain.

We care deeply about the security of personal items. Drivers for our Eco Valet Dry Cleaners are hand-selected experts who are aware of this. If your personal items need to be washed a certain way, don’t worry – we’ll ask you for any special requests when we collect them.

We are aware of how deeply personal your clothes are. Therefore, at each pickup, our Driver will inquire from you regarding how your laundry should be handled.

Your order is sent to our expert facilities, which are regularly inspected and tested to guarantee the best level of service.

If you need to change or cancel an existing order, please do so four hours prior to the pickup time. Please get in touch with our customer care right away.

Feel free to contact us at info@ecovalet.co.uk or call us 075 6893 1596